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3D and 2D animation . 3D App for Android and iOS . Visual effects . Postproduction . VFX effects . Character Design

Professional marketing and design: creative video made by BROS studio. We create comprehensive solutions in the field of advertising, promotion, app and design. We specialize in composing video output, using all available tools. We make creative animation, storyboards, character designs, supervision of MOCAP and digital effects.

Our clients include entrepreneurs as well as large Czech companies, agencies, but also corporate creative departments. Others will provide design and animation as well – it will be completed quickly and it will be just all right; or leave it to us – it will be timely, creative and attractive. .. The decision is up to you.

Character design and animation

At the beginning of 2017, BROS studio will complete 17 years of its existence. This fact is at least a guarantee of quality work and professional approach. We have experience with pictorial and textual outputs. And the prices? Affordable.


3D animation

We create 3D animations through a creative approach. We will prepare designs of characters. BROS studio has created countless commercials, jingles and film sections.

3D graphics are used both for the creation of computer games and films as well as scientific simulations and displays, or it can be used in industry and trade. Throughout the entire existence of the studio, we have touched almost each of these sectors. We have prepared a conception of characters and a film script for Václav Vorlíček. We have worked on programming and design of applications for iOS and Android. Czech Academy of Sciences has presented a presentation made by us. The Škoda car maker has presented in the media 3D animations of ice-hockey matches; the Czech News Agency has shown the soccer World Cup in 3D animations in a PC application called 3Dreplay by BROS studio. We have animated the mascot of Seznam, a widely used Czech search engine, and life-size Golem in the TourHistory application. Al-Jazeera TV has aired our educational documentary. The above references cover only a portion of the activities of BROS studio.

2D animation

We also create classic animations. 2D animations are a strong feature of multimedia presentations of those companies that strive to stand out.

Classic 2D animations, based on dynamics and movement, are able to express much more than other classic presentations. A very important factor is to attract the attention of the viewer. Animation will enable you achieve not only this, but also to pick up your strong points and merits to a completely different level. We can animate everything. We know how to animate drawings, objects as well as 3D animation converted to 2D output. Animations by BROS studio have rhythm and wit. We have animated sections of cartoons but also jingles, logos, presentations and video manuals.

BROS studio has defined the philosophy, design and source code of TourHistory for iOS and Android. We are authors of the designs and models of all the 13 spectres, their stories adapted for 3D the applications, 3D animations led by supervision to MOCAP and processing of audio tracks. We have managed to put the entire application to work and we have been the first in the world to animate life-sized spectres in the streets.

Augmented reality animation and application for iOS and Android

Tour History
Bros prezentation

Augmented reality

The studio has created an application for mobile phones and TourHistory tablets. The studio has made the complete design, promotion and source code of the application.

Download the TourHistory application at Google play or App Store and discover mysterious places where Prague spectres have been appearing for centuries. An interactive map of the Prague Old Town will take you through magical corners of the Czech capital that are recorded in thirteen Prague legends.

Point the phone or tablet camera at a historic site. You will see the spectre in life size. Watch it on the spot that is written about in the legends and discover more closely its story. Eternize your encounter with the sceptre – take a snap. The application allows installation in seven languages. We have prepared a version, for those who cannot get to the streets of Prague easily, that works when pointing at the Google StreetView map.

Our studio created the designs of the characters and costumes, and also a part of the film script. We made character models; we filmed the entire MOCAP animation to be used in this project. We manufactured countless props and designed the setting. We prepared VFX effects and special-effect shots.

film production SAXANA

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BROS studio made the designs and models of these characters: trpaslík Řehor, kostlivec Vincent, hastrman Brčál, Morkolabové, bezhlavý templář, drak Karamo, Hejkal, Chlupác, Šotek



BROS studio was at the birth of a film titled SAXANA. DavidBros and Václav Vorlíček worked on the script and the special-effect concept of the film.

The intention of the authors: Saxana, a runaway schoolgirl from a wizard school, is married happily, in the world of people, to her first love – Honza Bláha. Her nine-year daughter Saxanka, a well-read connoisseur of fairy tales, comes coincidentally to visit fairyland without realizing that her mother fled away from there in the past, because she had been punished three-hundred-year detention at school. Almost simultaneously with the girl, her somewhat crazy Aunt Irma, a failed writer of children’s books, finds herself in the fairyland too. The third element action element of the film is embodied in an animated power-hungry negative character, originally a comic book character.

Planned execution: Project Saxana – a fairytale comedy – the form of the new film will be created by combining and blending the techniques of classic cast film with 3D animation in a 3D environment. The interconnection of the real world and the world of imagination will be a source of not only adventure and suspense but mostly of comic situations and unexpected plot twists as well as of the final unconventional climax of the story. We were at the origin of the project; we were there when its form and method of picturization were invented.


Film script Saxana, Václav Vorlíček and DavidBros

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As a team, BROS studio is able to design projects from ideas to their final forms. We can support project with a story, process parts of a draft with uniform design, prepare a storyboard and materialize work. Our strong point is to get an idea on paper in the expected final form. As well as to devise and implement a project. We offer a demonstration of concepts and designs, drawings and high-quality models with perfect textures.

Character design, environment design, design app, storyboards and 3D models

We create 2D and 3D animations, storyboards, designs, sketches, 3D models of characters and environments, including character designs, post-production, digital and visual effects, supervision during motion capture for MOCAP animations, Augmented Reality, and 3D applications for mobile operating systems Android, iOS and Windows mobile.

Clients 2000 - 2017

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